Enjoying The Break

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Been home a couple of weeks now and I’m enjoying my down time and recharging for the Texas shows later this month. It was a great Autumn Tour and I want to thank everyone who came to the shows and the promoters and venue owners for a really enjoyable tour. As I mentioned we still have a short 4 day run through Texas coming up later this month. Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Houston. You can find tour dates here on our Tour Dates page. We also have a show planned @ The Whiskey here in Hollywood, Ca Jan. 25th 2014 sometime around NAMM. Speaking of NAMM, I don’t usually attend ( I think the last time I went to NAMM was in the late 90’s lol!) but I have a friend thats on the verge of convincing me to go this year, lol, so you may see me there.

Once again I’d like to thank all of our fans and extended family out there around the world. You’ve all helped make touring something that we love to do. You guys make it worth leaving home for and keep the job fun. A special thanks to Jen and Drew, our talented, beautiful and dedicated crew. You two made the tours smoother than ever. Fantastic job!
Thanks to The Art and Red Light Saints. A pleasure to tour with you guys.

I’m excited about 2014, a new year and if everything goes to plan, a new record too. A spring tour, MOR 2014 Cruise…. so much stuff to look forward to!

Print ordering will open again on my site in the next day or two. Again thank you for all the support of all my photographic work. I had a great year of shooting, capturing some really wonderful shots from Europe and Peru not to mention the USA tours. I keep trying to improve my skills and quality of my work. Thanks to those who have shared my work with others. Keep doing it! lol! I’m really pushing to get my work out there.